Spokane STEM is a network of leaders from P-12 education, the business community, higher education, and community-based organizations. It was launched in May of 2012, but this network is built upon a substantial heritage of collaborative work focused on enhancing educational achievement with special emphasis on math and science learning.

Spokane STEM’s core leadership group is made up of senior leaders from their respective organizations and includes chancellors, presidents, deans, and other senior leaders and faculty from higher education institutions; chief executives and senior leadership from business and industry; superintendents and senior leaders from K-12; and chief executives of major community-based organizations.

STEM advancement holds the promise of three very positive, important, and lasting effects on Spokane. First and foremost, this work is very good for the kids. When proper educational methods are employed, young people from all segments of society will master STEM disciplines, advance their education, and effectively compete for high-paying STEM jobs. Secondly, investment in STEM education greatly benefits our community by making Spokane more competitive for future jobs and innovation and creates the framework for a vibrant future. Finally, society as a whole benefits because STEM education furthers critical thought, analysis, teamwork, communication, and other skills that are important to a functioning democracy and to everyday life in today’s complex and interconnected world.